Canvas Course Template Materials

Content from the template courses can be previewed and copied into your course(s) through the Canvas Commons. The sample Syllabus link may be accessed through your EWU Google Drive account.

  • Full Template – This template provides customizable pages, graphics, and a customizable home page. It is designed for those who have used Canvas previously and want more detail in their online courses.
  • Getting Started Module Template – This template removes all but the content in the Getting Started module of the Full Template course.  Content includes information about university policies, support services, tools, and a page to personalize with course-specific information.
  • Sample Syllabus – This template provides a framework that includes all necessary components stated in EWU policy for a course Syllabus. To tailor it to your specific course information, just save a copy of the template and make the necessary modifications.

Course Review Process

The Course Review service applies a standardized rubric to evaluate a course in Canvas.

Enroll in the ‘Teaching Online for Faculty’ course

Teaching Online for Faculty is required for those teaching a distance education course at Eastern Washington University. Over the course of twelve modules, we will explore various concepts of online instruction, including using the Canvas learning management system, creating effective discussions, using and creating multimedia, accessibility tools, Universal Design for Learning, teacher presence, assessment, and student engagement.

NOTE: This course is required to teach online.

You can self-enroll into this Canvas course.

Learning Canvas for Teachers

This optional course is best suited for new faculty and will introduce you to Canvas and a variety of the available features. By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of the Canvas toolset and have the skills needed for using Canvas with your classes – regardless of whether you intend to teach fully online or simply move a portion of your activities and lectures online.

You can self-enroll into this Canvas course.

Online Student Orientation course

This self-paced course is designed to help you become a successful online learner and acclimate to the online learning environment. The orientation will provide you with an introduction to your online courses and help you become familiar with the necessary tools to access course components, resources, and other information you need to succeed. 

This is an open course conducted through Canvas.

Technical Support

Instructional Technology and Web Services (ITWS) will provide technical support via Zoom, phone, or email related to course access issues, technology questions, and other aspects of the Online Learning environment:

In addition, students may also contact the EWU Help Desk via phone, email, or through the ticketing system:

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