Teaching Online for Faculty

NOTE: This course is required to teach online.

Self-enroll in Teaching Online for Faculty

Teaching Online for Faculty is required for those teaching a distance education course at Eastern Washington University. Over the course of twelve modules, we will explore various concepts of online instruction, including: using the Canvas learning management system, creating effective discussions, use and creation of multimedia, accessibility tools, Universal Design for Learning, teacher presence, assessment, and student engagement.

Learning Canvas for Teachers

Self-enroll in Learning Canvas for Teachers

This optional course is best suited for new faculty and will introduce you to Canvas and a variety of the available features. By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of the Canvas toolset and have the skills needed for using Canvas with your classes – regardless of whether you intend to teach fully online or simply move a portion of your activities and lectures online.

Accessibility Training for Faculty

Self-enroll in Accessibility Training for Faculty

This optional course is for any faculty creating and/or providing online content to students at Eastern Washington University. Over the course of 6 modules, we will explore various accessibility concepts, including: remediating PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, remediating Word documents, remediating PowerPoint presentations, and working with closed captions in Panopto.

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Canvas Basics

For new or beginning users, this session will provide an overview of the core features of Canvas, the learning management system used at Eastern Washington University. Topics will include navigation, maintaining Profile settings, communication channels, and using the Canvas Dashboard.

Canvas Advanced

For those who are familiar with Canvas, but are looking for a deeper dive, this session will explore some of the more advanced features available. We will look at creating assignments and quizzes, using the Canvas Gradebook and Speedgrader, and how you can use Student View to see your course from the student perspective.

Lecture Capture

Studies show that students are more engaged with courses that integrate audio and video with academic content. In this training, we will demonstrate how to: record with Panopto, manage your recordings, set up student video assignments, add quizzes to a video, edit a video, and caption a video.

WordPress Basics

For new or beginning WordPress users, this training will provide an overview of the core features of the new WordPress block editor. Topics will include navigation, editing pages and posts, and working with Gravity forms.

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