PUB Exemption Request Form

An exemption request is designed to provide a temporary exemption to standard operational policies within public spaces of the student union. Examples of exemption requests include; but are not limited to events that have safety or liability concerns, damages to the space and disruption to building function.

Review & Proposal Request Form

Intake request form for any ASEWU bylaw and/or Constitution revisions that you have to be sent to the R&P Committee, to see if the changes will positively leave an impact on the ASEWU office, the students and do not conflict with any other ASEWU binding documents and then are sent to the ASEWU Council for approval.

Start-up Funding Request Form

A Start-up Fund Request is for new student clubs or organizations that are looking for funding to get up and running, or for clubs and organizations that have been inactive for the last three (3) quarters (excluding summer) and looking for help to get back up.