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Individual Counseling, Walk Ins, Group Counseling, and Let’s Talk

Counseling and Wellness strives to meet the overall wellbeing needs of students. Services offered include wellbeing coaching, individual and group counseling, central food pantry and food cupboards, outreach, presentations, and sexual health resources. For individual counseling, we offer a brief intervention model to address student mental health issues, with a 6 session annual limit. Counseling is offered both in person or virtually with limited in-person services at the Catalyst building.  Please call our office to set up an appointment or for more information. You can also visit inside.ewu.edu/bewell/. Counseling and Wellness is open 8-noon and 1-5pm, Monday through Friday.  Closed over the lunch hour.

Individual Counseling

Offered both in person and virtually. We have limited staff right now and are offering a brief intervention model with up to 6 sessions annually. No showing an appointment will count towards the session limit or could even result in being removed from the counselor’s schedule. Multiple cancellations could impact session limits as well. Paperwork needs to be completed prior to scheduling appointment. It can be completed online. Takes about 20 minutes for new clients. Clients must schedule their own appointments.  Confidential services. Please call the center for password.

Walk Ins

Walk ins for urgent or crisis situations M-F  1-4pm

Examples: Auditory or visual hallucinations, recent death of close other, sexual assault, imminent suicidal ideation, imminent safety issues, etc…

Group Counseling

Check webpage to see if group counseling is being offered.

Let’s Talk

A brief (15 minute) conversation with a counselor to connect about a problem and identify resources.  First come first serve.  No appointment needed. This is not counseling and students do not need to be CWS clients.

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