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Advising Main Office Number, PH: 509-359-2345

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Student Success Collaborative & Degree Completion, Title III

Regina Gendusa, Director, Student Success Collaborative & Degree Completion, Title III Project & Activity Director,

  • Jossie Brown, Assistant Director, Degree Completion, PH: 509-359-4118,
  • Ryan Wise, Assistant Director, Degree Completion, PH: 509-359-4294,
  • Sue Magyar, Degree Completion Coordinator for CPP, PH: 509-359-4876,
  • Darlene Maria, Degree Completion Coordinator for CHSPH, PH: 509-359-4126,
  • Joel Sweeney, Degree Completion Coordinator for CSTEM and interim for CAHSS, PH: 509-359-4117,
  • Thurman Johnson, Graduate Student Assistant, Financial Wellness Program, Degree Completion,
  • Ryan Crossman, Graduate Student Assistant, Degree Completion,