Schedule Submission

Students eligible for VA education benefits are required to submit their
Class Schedule to EWU VRC office at: in order for VRC to update VA with enrollment at EWU.

Need to submit your schedule?
Start here!

  1. Go to Inside EWU login to your EagleNET account
  2. At the top of webpage, Select “Students” Menu
  3. Under “Registration Tools” Menu, Select “Course Schedule
  4. Select your term from the drop-down box.  Current term is at bottom of list.  This will bring up your class schedule.
  5. Over to Right side of screen  select printer icon to view your concise class schedule VRC requires.
  6. Printer icon selectedSelect print option to save as PDF or Print as PDF.
  7. Save class schedule to your computer in format:
    last name_first name_term name
  8. Draft/Send Email: send an email and attach your class schedule (document you created in #6).  You must indicate your MAJOR(s) and MINOR(s) in your email.  Send email to VETERANS@EWU.EDU
  9. DO NOT USE the calendar icon. This format will not communicate with our ticket system.
Directions 1
Directions 2
Full time for VRC

To receive the resident MHA rate at least ONE of your courses must be in person attendance, meaning a section other than all online.

EWU course sections 25/27/28 (state-supported) and sections 75/77 (non-state supported) are designated as online courses.

If all classes are online learning, students will receive the VA national online rate (half the national average).

You can view these rates online at VA website GI Bill® Comparison Tool:

Post-9/11 GI Bill® students who receive Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) payments are required to verify enrollment at the end of each month.

What is enrollment verification?

Enrollment verification is a new requirement for Post-9/11 GI Bill students to verify that they have remained enrolled in the same courses or training every month. If you fail to verify enrollment, MHA payments will be withheld. To streamline the process, VA is providing the option to verify enrollment easily and securely via text message.

How do I verify enrollment?

You can verify enrollment using the following methods:

Via Text Message from VA –  This is the method strongly recommended by the VA.  VA will send text message asking if you remained enrolled.  in course for the month/year. You will respond with the answer

Via Email – Students who do not Opt-In for text will be automatically enrolled in email verification and sent an automated email on the last day of the month to verify their enrollment status

Via Phone – If you are unable to verify via text or email, you will need to contact the Education Call Center (ECC) at 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) and ask a representative to verify your enrollment.

What happens if I fail to verify my enrollment?

If you fail to verify enrollment for two consecutive months, your MHA/kicker payments will be placed on hold.  In order to have your payments released, you will need to call the ECC to verify your enrollment. When you call the ECC to release your payments, you may also enroll in text message verification at that time.

Payments are sent out on the first of the month and can take up to five days to arrive via electronic transfer.

For more information check out the enrollment verification webpage:…/verification_of_enrollment.asp

For Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty (MGIB-AD) CH30 or Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) CH1606 Enrollment Verification:

You’ll then need to verify your enrollment at the end of each month to receive payment from the VA. You can verify your enrollment online through Web Automated Verification system (called “WAVE”)  or by phone by calling 877-823-2378 (TTY: 711).

WAVE Website:  Verify your enrollment online
FAQ about WAVE: Get more information about WAVE

Please contact EWU Veteran Resource Center (VRC) Office with any questions.

Phone:  (509) 359-7040


M-F, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at