Proposal Submission

Submission Policy

All proposals for external funding must be received by the OGRD at least 10 working days prior to the funder's deadline. Earlier communication may allow for phased deadlines.

Complex proposals or requests for consultation require additional time. Connect with us early and often!

A complete submission includes:

Proposal budgets are built together with OGRD staff and must comply with all university regulations and projection formulas.

If the OGRD is contacted with enough time before the proposal due date, we can provide templates and resources for most proposals.

ALL proposals are submitted by the OGRD. Proposals are submitted under the auspices of the university, not an individual faculty or staff. The Executive Director of the OGRD is the only authorized signatory that can sign/certify proposal submissions on behalf of the university.

Looking for guidance? Feel free to take a look at our Glossary or FAQ pages, or contact us at or ext. 6567