Why do I need to have a protocol to work with animals?

Eastern is committed to ethical care and treatment of all animals and complies with all Federal regulations and guidelines.  As such, any individual that requires teaching, testing or research involving vertebrate animals, must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC.

How long is a protocol approved for?

Approved protocols are valid for three years. After three years a new protocol must be submitted and a complete review must occur for a protocol to be approved. Any changes or modifications to a protocol should be reviewed by the IACUC Chair.

What if I want to change some of the procedures that are in my approved protocol?

You must notify the IACUC Chair to discuss any changes to an approved protocol. Some modifications may only require administrative action, while others may require a complete review.

Do student research projects require the IACUC review process?

Yes. All research activities done with live animals must be approved by the IACUC. Protocols for student research projects should be submitted early in the quarter to ensure enough time to review and revise the protocol and to complete the project.

How do I begin the IACUC review process?

Applications for animal use and research activities are submitted via an online database system. Please see the Forms page to begin the submission process. Submissions by student researchers will be sent to their faculty supervisor for approval prior to being reviewed by the IACUC.

I am on a tight timeline to get my research done. How long does the IACUC review process take?

A well written protocol usually can be reviewed and approved within two weeks. However, if there are questions or procedures that need to be revised, it may take several additional weeks based on your responsiveness to the feedback.

What factors do IACUC members consider when reviewing my research proposal?

The IACUC is concerned about the care of the animals, and whether any animal will be harmed, or whether the potential for harm exists, as a part of your protocol. The IACUC must ensure that investigators have appropriately considered alternatives to procedures that can cause more than a slight or momentary pain or distress to an animal, and that the procedure is consistent with sound research design and that the scientific merit of the project outweighs harm to animals. Additionally, if euthanasia is part of the project, procedures must meet the federal guidelines. The minimum number of animals should also be considered in order for you to effectively conduct the research with reasonable statistical power. You are encouraged to review the Federal requirements for protocols.  See article:  Everything You Need to Know About Satisfying IACUC Protocol Requirements.

Is it possible that the IACUC will deny approval of my research proposal?

Yes. It is important to do your research and write a well written protocol. It is helpful to review the federal regulations and to participate in training opportunities in order to understand how to write a strong protocol.

Does IACUC have oversight for service animals on campus? Do they need a protocol?

Service animals are under the care of their owner and are not regulated by IACUC as they are not used for teaching or research.  If an owner wants to use their service animals for teaching or research purposes, then a protocol would need to be submitted. See EWU Service Animal Policy.