Shawn Stratte


Shawn Stratte is working toward obtaining a B.S. in mathematics and a B.A. in Physics at Eastern Washington University. His research interests include Numerical Analysis, the application of differential equations to analyze population growth/decline and chemical reactions, and the computational neuroscience. Shawn plans to attain a Ph.D. in mathematics on the west side of the country with his eye on the University of Washington, University of Oregon, or University of California.

2017 McNair Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Frank Lynch - Mathematics

Research Title: Ion Flux

Abstract: We aim to characterize ionic diffusion by applying homogenization theory in the four separate cases: where there is a fixed, non-competing background charge, where there is a fixed, competing background charge, where there is a diffusing, non-competing background charge, and where there is a diffusing, competing background charge. These four cases in which a mixture of variables is observed will provide an arsenal of data to effectively represent a diffusion coefficient to simplify the system of partial differential equations that model this ionic diffusion process.