Mario Aguilar


Mario Aguilar graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2018 with a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. In 2018, he began attending the University of Arizona working towards a Master's in Mexican American Studies.

2017 McNair Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Scott Mathers - Sociology and Criminal Justice
Research Title: Inmate Perception: Family Dynamics and Recidivism

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to examine how family dynamics impact male and female inmates' perspective on the likelihood of re-offending. The specific research question surrounds whether family contact promotes prison adjustment and desistance. The data analysis examines data from an extensive questionnaire survey of 726 male and female inmates from a Correctional Facility in the Southeast of the United States. This study presents the findings regarding family dynamics in terms of support, communication, closeness, and satisfaction with relationships. The data analysis evaluates the importance of a support system and an inmate's adjustment to prison as potential factors that reduce recidivism. This research examines an inmate's relationships with an emphasis on the importance of children compared to other family relationships. Some of the main themes of analysis are variables such as an inmate's level of satisfaction with their child's living situation, future goals to live with that child, and frequency of contact. These variables are considered in light of participation in prison programming and attitudes about the major goal of prison. Findings are interpreted through the theoretical perspectives of reintegration and prison adjustment.