The 3 Be’s!

Student Contributor: R. Castro
The 3 Be’s is a tool that is used to remind students of the rules that should be followed in the classroom. They encourage students to become independent learners as they make good choices throughout the day.

This tool should be introduced at the beginning of the school year. It is important to go over the rules during the first few weeks and make sure to demonstrate how they may look when following them. Therefore, the students have a better understanding of what they mean and it gives them ideas of how to show that they are following the 3 Be’s. From my personal experience, we printed out all three rules, laminated them, and taped them in the middle of the tables. We placed them where every student would be able to see them. Before any lesson, we called on students to share what the 3 Be’s were and asked them to share examples. Every once in a while the students would come up with new examples, rather than the teacher sharing them.

This tool relates to the preventive phase because it is gone over before the teaching begins. It helps set the expectations for a student's behavior. Students' minds are refreshed when sharing the 3 Be’s and examples of how they might look. Additionally, this classroom tool best fits the collaborative and teacher-directed theory. This is because the student and teacher are working together as they remind each other of the classroom rules. The teacher does their part by reminding the students to go over them and making sure they understand them. As for the students, they share different examples and work hard to follow them throughout the academic year.

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