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Student Contributor: R. Castro
Implementing the reward coupons tool in the classroom is a great way to maintain classroom discipline. When the students behave, they are recognized by their teacher. The teacher gives them the option to choose a coupon of their choice.

This tool should be created by the teacher and used by the students. The coupons can range from being able to sit at the teacher’s desk, to be the leader of the line. They should be eye-catching to the student, for them to want to earn them. It is important to keep in mind that there should be rules when introducing them to the classroom. For example, knowing for how long the coupon is valid and giving them to the teacher at the beginning of the day. Something that was done in our classroom was being clear that students had to use one coupon at a time and within the first week that they received the coupon. Our students enjoyed reward coupons so much that they would suggest new ones to the teacher.

This tool relates to the supportive phase because it happens during the teaching, helping students to continue their good behavior. By praising students with coupons, the teacher is supporting their good choices. Also, students at this time should know their classroom expectations and teachers will support them by creating reward coupons. Additionally, this classroom tool best fits the collaborative and teacher-directed theory. This is due to the teacher deciding what the coupons would include. It is collaborative in the sense that the teacher creates them to their students' liking and the students show good behavior to receive them. Most importantly, the teacher has the role of creating the rules of how to properly use the coupons. Overall, the classroom works together to achieve great classroom management.

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  1. Tool #2-“Reward Coupons”-Supporitve
    I tested this with my third grade class of 18 students in an urban area. I really enjoyed this tool. It was a little difficult to keep up with at times because my students are amazing and I wanted to give them all the time. I also found that they would get lost before getting home to their parents to I transitioned into giving the kiddos on as well as emailing a copy home to their parents so they could congratulate them as well. The kiddos were so excited to earn these. We had tons of different ones and ways to earn them! Will definitely use some variation of this in my future classroom.

  2. I tested this with my fifth graders, a class of 27 students and this tool is easy to use when the learning is happening because the students seem to want to be more engaged and prepared during the learning. This tool is implemented in the classroom to show attentiveness and kindness when others are talking and sharing their ideas. The teacher hands them out if the students participate in challenging class topics for example when we teach social studies and the students read an article about the explores and their discoveries, they are asked review questions before the lesson begins and they receive a reward token if they attempt the answer and participate. When we use this tool, I notice that the students become more attentive when the teacher asks questions, and they practice the skill of recalling to prior learned knowledge. The students understand their role clearly and they know that they should be paying attention the teachers’ questions and directions. I think that it is a good method and I like the engagement part that comes with it but I would be careful when to specifically use it.


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