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Student Contributor: S. Byrum
Each day, there is a different student of the day. The student of the day is the person the teacher will go to for errands, or any type of special tasks. This prevents any types of disagreements about who is going to do that specific task.

Every morning, the teacher will select a student of the day. The student of the day is the person the teacher will go to for errands and attendance. The student of the day gets first choice on various things throughout the day, and gets to be the line leader. I noticed that using this tool prevented almost all disagreements about all of these aspects. It is important to make sure that every student gets to be the student of the day, and that no one should be repeated until each student has been chosen at least once.

This tool definitely fits in the preventative phase. The preventative phase has a lot to do about the routine and procedure of the classroom. Having a set student of the day routine prevents many conflicts about various things throughout the day. For example, this prevents disagreements about who gets to be the line leader, or who gets to go take the attendance down to the office. This tool is definitely in a collaborative spot of the spectrum. There are aspects that make this tool student directed and teacher directed. The teacher picks the student of the day and maintains some control, but the students are responsible for their own behavior. This tool helps guide them to make wise decisions.

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  1. In my first-grade class of fifteen students in a suburban area, this tool is super effective. The tool allows students to be rewarded for their behaviors more immediately than a student of the month system. In our classroom, we have found it to help inspire good behavior amongst the class because they want to be chosen as student of the day. For our classroom, we let the student of the day hold the door, count the lunch magnet, help with number corner, pick our song for going over the days and months of the year, carry the lunch tub to the lunch room with a friend, pass out napkins and pick the snack, and pick the brain break we do in the afternoon. The student of the day gets to participate in a lot of fun choices, and kids have been very excited to have it be apart of our classroom.


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