Reading Nook

Student Contributor: S. Peterson
The Reading Nook is an area in the classroom where students can have a quiet to read. This section of the room is filled with books, comfy places to sit, and a relaxing environment. This is a good place to encourage students to read.

The Reading Nook can be used in any classroom. It can be filled with bright colors depending on the age group. Brighter colors were encouraged for younger grades. The bookshelves can be filled with all different types of books depending on age group. For younger ages, the books will mostly consist of pictures book with very bright colors. While the older students read longer books with less colors and pictures. All shelves need to be accessible, so the children can reach the books for themselves. Seating needs to be comfortable as well, so that the students have a place to curl up with a good book. I was in multiple classrooms that had reading nooks. It encouraged me to read a lot and set a good example for me to read at home as well.

This tool best relates to the Preventative Stage because it is an area that is determined beforehand that is available to all students in the classroom. It will give students a comfortable environment to read in as well as promotes reading. This could also be used as a form of "Australia" for the Supportive phase because it is an area that a student can go to relax for a little bit or to take a break. This best matches the student-centered theory because it is driven by the students. The teacher gives the materials, but it is the students who decide what books to read in the area and how to manage the nook.

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Tool Source: Gus Nollmeyer and ideas for design are from Pintrest

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