Consistent Consequences

Student Contributor: M. Vargas
Consistent Consequences is about addressing behavioral issues with appropriate consequences. This involves going through with consequences you may have mentioned you would do if a student misbehaved.

Consequences are meant to support the teacher in correcting an undesired behavior a student may demonstrate such as interrupting speakers, being disrespectful to peers, etc. Consequences a teacher assigns should match the severity of the behavior that is causing problems. Consequences should be consistent between students. Some students should not receive punishment for the same behavior others don’t. It is important to know that as a teacher if you tell the students you will act in a certain way if they misbehave then you have to follow through with said consequence. When you fail to do so the students will begin to think that you will not actually assign consequences and continue to misbehave.

Consistent consequences fall under the corrective phase as you are trying to change a behavior and prevent it from happening again in order to maintain a positive classroom environment. Consistent consequences also promote efficiency when dealing with misbehavior which is another characteristic of the corrective phase. This tool is more teacher-directed as it is about dealing with misbehavior swiftly and it involves clear communication. You could make it more collaborative by having a clear discussion with the student about their misbehavior and coming up with solutions to solve the behavior together. This would be beneficial as it allows for the students to reflect on the behavior further.

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