U.S Postal Services

Before a large or specialized mailing gets too far into the planning stage, include Mail Services in your mailing arrangements. We can help to ensure your mailing program is cost effective, efficient and timely. Bulk mail can cost less than half the normal postage when properly prepared.

Our machines can seal your envelopes with some exceptions. If you send envelopes to be sealed, be sure the flaps are up, nested on top of one another. Thick envelopes, end seal envelopes, and closed flaps cannot be machine sealed.

Advance notice is required to effectively handle and process large or specialized mailings.

If you are not sure of everything concerning a mailing of 200 or more pieces, please call Mail Services at 359-7993 for assistance. We want to help.

All reply postage and handling charges are billed back to using departments. When you decide to design any business reply envelope or card, please call Mail Services for information.

BRM service enables mailers to receive First-class mail by paying postage only on the mail which is returned. We guarantee payment of the appropriate First-class postage plus a handling charge per piece. The Printing Department will print the proper format for your BRM envelopes and Post Cards. All Business Reply mailers must be approved by the Publications Department prior to printing.

MRM service enables mailers to pre pay postage on envelopes through the Mail Services postage
meter machine. In place of purchasing stamps have Mail Services apply postage on your envelope.
For more information contact Mail Services.

The last line of any foreign address should only be the country name spelled out in capital letters in English.The city must also be spelled out in English. The postal code should follow the city/state information on the line above the country. Click here for foreign mail codes.

Global Priority Mail is a new service offered by the USPS. 4 lbs maximum weight, 24 inches maximum length, maximum length, width, and height 36 inches. This is an inexpensive alternative to other international express carriers. A customs form (PS Form 2976) must be affixed to the front of the mailpiece. Call Mail Services for details and free envelopes of various sizes. Click here for a list of participating countries.

International deliveries vary by country of destination. No guarantees are offered for express services. There is no provision for a refund on International Express Mail.

Outgoing personal mail is handled along with EWU mail. You may deposit your stamped personal mail in with your department outgoing mail.

Personal mail will be delivered to the U.S. Postal Service as received in Mail Services during our next scheduled trip.

Personal parcels 16 ounces or more must be taken to the US Post Office.

Please have your personal mail, magazines, and non-business related catalogs and parcels sent directly to your home address. Mail addressed to a University address is considered the official mail of the University and as such is subject to being opened by a staff person without appeal under Federal guidelines.

Mail Services
125 Tawanka Hall
Cheney, WA 99004

email: mailservices@ewu.edu

phone: 509.359.7993

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