Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT)

Create a concept map

Teachers work together to discuss their understandings of the CCSS Functions and Algebra Conceptual Categories and create a concept map that shows distinctions and connections among the concepts of expressions, equations, and functions, while also discussing the characteristics of these concepts. Creating a concept map together provides opportunities for rich discussions. In this activity it is helpful to consider a specific type of function such as quadratic, linear, or exponential in order to limit the discussion. It will also be helpful to read the Progressions documents for Algebra and for Functions since they provide discussions of many of the distinctions and connections.

Create a Concept Map

Tiny triangles (focusing on A-SSE)

This task, along with Urban Sprawl and Staircase can be used to better understand how students develop seeing structure. As students represent the pattern in various ways (tables, symbolically, graphically) teachers can help them make coherent connections across the representations to better understand the structure of the expression. As facilitated, teachers strive to notice the SMP they use and that used by their peers. They consider how they would they respond to help their students become more aware of the SMP they were using and the power of using them.



Bob and Mike

BobAndMike problem(WithDiagram)