Formative Assessment

Many of our activities focused on formative assessment, including introducing and discussing key aspects of formative assessment, analyzing student work that teachers brought, and discussing vignettes that described opportunities for formative assessment.

Formative assessment vignettes

The first document is an inventory for individuals to reflect on what they consider to be formative assessment. The second document contains several vignettes describing classroom situations, followed by questions to prompt individual thinking and PLC discussion. Each vignett will take a bit of time for a PLC to discuss, so use only one at a time. As a follow-up activity, have PLC members bring their own students’ work to discuss.

FA Inventory


Analyzing student work

This activity provides a process for analyzing student work on a formative assessment, discussing it with colleagues, and revising instruction and the formative assessment task.

Analyzing student work(FacilitatorNotes)


Student- led formative assessment

In this activity, Scott Cooley shares three ideas on how he supports students in leading and responding to formative assessment.


Student_Led_Formative Assessment(worksheet)