EagleCard Privileges

Explore the privileges associated with your EagleCard

Eagle Flex

EWU Students and Employees may open an Eagle Flex account to access within their EagleCard.

Contact: (509) 359-6184

Dining Services

EWU Students can access their meal plan funds at any EWU Dining Services location with their EagleCard.

Contact: (509) 359-6184

Library Services

EWU Students can use all JKF Library Services with their EagleCard, like checking out books, laptops, and more.

Contact: (509) 359-7888

Access control

EWU Students and Employees can use their EagleCard to access various buildings and rooms on campus.

Contact: (509) 359-6506

Spokane Transit Authority (STA)

Access all STA bus routes while taking in-person classes in Cheney or Spokane with your EagleCard.

Contact: (509) 359-7275

University Recreation Center

Visit EWU’s Aquatic Center, Climbing Wall, Fitness Center, and Ice Area with a swipe of your EagleCard.

Contact: (509) 359-4026

EWU Sporting events

Attend various EWU sporting events like Football, Hockey, Volleyball, and more with your EagleCard.

Contact: (509) 359-6059

Print and Copy Services

Access the on-campus WEPA print and copy stations for all of your printing needs with your EagleCard.

Contact: (509) 359-2247