Eagle Flex

What is Eagle Flex?

Eagle Flex is a prepaid account that works like a debit card. Use your EagleCard to spend your Flex at participating merchants on and off campus.

How Do I Kow if I Have EagleFlex?

You have EagleFlex if you live in one of the resident halls with your meal plan or If you have purchased the commuter meal plan. Or if you had any remaining la Carte balance remaining from last quarter. The remaining la Carte balance wil be automatically converted to Eagle Flex at a 75% value.

How Much Flex Do I Have?

Base meal plan $100 / Quarter
Upgraded meal plan $150 / Quarter
Commuter meal plan $25 / Quarter

or click here to check your Eagle Flex balance

Where Can I Use Flex?

Click Here to see all of our Eagle Flex Locations

How Do I Get More Eagle Flex?

1. Over the phone
To make a deposit with your Visa or MasterCard over the phone, contact our office staff at (509) 359-6184. Please have your credit card information ready, as well as your/the student's NetID or Student ID Number.

2. In-person at the EagleCard Office
120 Tawanka Hall Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

3. At one of our PHIL machines.
Make cash deposits at one of our convenient PHIL machine locations: Tawanka Hall first floor across from the EagleCard Office, JFK Library near the print and copy center, and the Riverpoint Campus Library. You can also use the PHIL machines to check your current Flex account balance.

4. Online by searching My EagleCard Account.

5. Any remaining la Carte balance remaining from last quarter will be automatically converted to Eagle Flex at a 75% value.

Please note, cash withdrawals from the Eagle Flex account are not permitted.  Accounts that show no activity after two years will expire.