Diversity and Inclusion Week

April 21, 2023

Dear EWU campus,

As we wrap up this week, I am writing to express my appreciation for the fantastic Diversity and Inclusion Week we just marked. It was a powerful reminder of the strength that comes from our differences and the importance of creating a community where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

During the week, we had the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the unique cultures, experiences, and perspectives that make our university such a lively place.

But as much as we may have celebrated during the week, we must remember that creating an inclusive community is never truly finished. We must strive for a campus that ensures everyone feels heard and valued daily.

The cultivation of this work has been and continues to be seen through the fantastic events put on past and present, such as The BSU ball, NHPI Luau, NASA’s Spirit of the Eagle Pow Wow, and so many more. That’s why I am so proud of the clubs like ASA, BSU, EWU Pride, MEChA, NASA, and NHPI, who carry this work forward daily. These groups provide a space for students to connect with others who share their experiences and to learn from those who come from different backgrounds.

But the truth is that, despite our best efforts, hate and discrimination still exist in our world. We saw this last week, with the racist words aimed at BSU members. It is a painful reminder of why these clubs began in the first place. Our cultural clubs emerged out of the necessity for students of all cultures and backgrounds to have a space where they feel they can unapologetically express themselves, and we will not let these sacred spaces be invaded. We will fight to ensure every student feels respected and wanted on this campus.

Thank you to all the students and faculty who participated in Diversity and Inclusion Week and those who work every day to make our campus a better place. You are an inspiration, and I am honored to be a part of this continuously evolving community.

Iman Munawar
ASEWU Executive Vice President