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Advising Warning-Probation Students

When advising students on Academic Probation, you want to make sure they know that their academic standing is at stake: they can be academically dismissed. It is most beneficial to set up a success plan for the term, e.g., resources on campus that can help the student, study plan, connecting with you (their advisor) throughout the quarter, etc. Creating the success plan for the student before or right after school starts should help keep them on track for a successful term. Be sure to explicitly advise that the student who is on Academic Probation must earn a cumulative of a 2.0 or higher for the quarter or they will be academically dismissed (see Academic Dismissal & Reinstatement article).

We also recommend that students fill out the Academic Success Plan either before the term starts or shortly after the term begins to set up plan for studying, identifying resources, and being successful while on Academic Warning/Probation.

Navigate Student has a list of available resources on campus that the student can potentially use during the term:

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