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Academic Warning-Probation Standings

Academic standing is directly linked to a student’s institutional GPA (EWU GPA). When students drop below a 2.0 for their institutional GPA, they will fall in either Warning or Probation status.

Academic Warning: all Eastern Washington University undergraduate students in their first term who do not attain a minimum GPA >2.0 will be placed on academic warning; Undergraduate students on academic warning who attain a term GPA of >2.0 but whose cumulative GPA is still <2.0 will be moved to Academic Probation.

Academic Probation: at the end of each term (after their first term), undergraduate students who do not attain a cumulative GPA of >2.0 are placed on academic probation for the next term of enrollment.

Once their institutional cumulative GPA rises above a 2.0, the undergraduate student will be in good academic standing.

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