Executive Leadership Team

  • Private partnerships / tribal communities
  • Fundraising
  • Streamlined curriculum/flexible education
  • Student support
  • Grants (hiring research faculty)

Directors and Administrators

  • Dual credit / CIHS / R/S / PCE
  • Capitalize on value proposition
  • Define ourselves
  • Regional partnerships that increase applied learning
  • Residence hall improvements
  • Invest strategically in what you want to change/improve/grow

Faculty Group 1

  • DEI
  • Fundraising
  • Promote wellness / opportunity to improve morale
  • Online programs
  • Community engagement / EWU in the high school/ not much K-5 presence / running start

Academic Deans

  • The booming economy in the Spokane region + relocation of Seattleites and Californians
  • Industry connections
  • Move to semesters
  • AI

Faculty Senate Leadership

  • Social mobility for our students
  • Leverage state legislature for greater financial aid
  • New leadership hopefully focused on quality education
  • Focus on our own identity – who are we?
  • Culturally diverse population with active communities

Community Diversity Leadership

  • Decrease harm in the community
  • They (city) are not a lab
  • Improve quality of life for all students, faculty, staff, etc.
  • Decolonize / diversify
  • HBCU partnerships

Community Forum

  • Double down on momentum from cyber program – more tech
  • Enhance partnerships with other universities
  • Graphic design is a strategic opportunity for growth
  • Better ties between Spokane and Cheney programs / campuses
  • Get off campus and connect to businesses

Staff Group

  • New hires / ideas
  • Faculty and staff engagement
  • Professionalism and continuing education
  • Enhance our collaboration and unity
  • Community collaboration

Athletics Staff

  • Enrollment increase and growth / summer camps
  • Location, growing area and whole region
  • New leadership
  • Strong alumni base in area
  • Athletic branding

Student Leaders

  • Become HSI
  • Improve leadership stability and faculty
  • Improve university identity
  • Programs well organized / running smoothly

Internal Diversity Leadership

  • 21st century education for a 21st century educated student
  • Bringing innovation forward
  • Change of pedagogical framework – students are different now
  • Curriculum – with follow through
  • Embarking on student population (traditional and non-traditional)
  • Diversity leadership – authentic/ visionary
  • DEI Training and policy intention
  • Wheelchair access and parking expansion

Department Chairs

  • Spokane presence in the “medical” triangle
  • Serving the underserved population and region
  • Affordability
  • Alumni connections/supports
  • Collaborations and cross participations
  • Community / engagement support office (bring back)

Faculty Group 2

  • Great faculty
  • Teaching
  • Especially underprepared students
  • Health and behavioral health
  • Opportunities for interprofessional clinical education and practice – especially in research medical hub in Spokane near by
  • Spokane – creative economy
  • Strong respectful relationships among faculty to build interdisciplinary programs
  • Need more self-promotion- we do a lot of great stuff but have a low community profile
  • Building Cheney – revitalize
  • Building relationships with local businesses and professional community
  • Outreach for education with local community (high schools, etc.)
  • Support of faculty from administration
  • Example: researching technology -> IT Declarations
  • Online/ hybrid education
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Recruiting throughout the state

Union Leadership

  • Pushing high ROI degrees for students
  • All quarter or semester, NOT both
  • Support and attract (and retain) first generation students
  • Replacing retired/fired faculty and staff
  • Courses for upper development
  • Availability in summer
  • Use regional economic data to drive program array

Alumni Association Board

  • Expand Academic programs (Nursing, Technology, Engineering, Cyber Security)
  • Enrollment Growth
  • Athletic Sponsorships/partnerships
  • Publicize value of higher education

Campaign Cabinet

  • Consolidate academic programs
  • Emphasis on STEM/Cyber Security/Health Science programs (Polytechnic University)
  • Engagement with region