Mission, Vision, and Values

Our (Draft) Mission Statement

Eastern Washington University fosters an inclusive, equitable, and transformative learning community, driving the pursuit of knowledge through affordable academic excellence.

Our (Draft) Vision Statement

Eastern Washington University will provide an education rooted in the liberal arts, designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing the Pacific Northwest. Characterized by a student-centered focus and opportunities for applied learning in high demand fields, this education creates upward social mobility and a healthy, sustainable, and economically successful region.

Our (Draft) Value Statements

  • Belonging through Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    • We are committed to building an inclusive, supportive, and equitable university community that celebrates diversity. We strive to integrate the principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into all university operations, fostering an environment that nurtures a sense of belonging among all members of the community.
  • Accessibility
    • We strive to create a more inclusive, obtainable, and equitable college education and work environment. Students, faculty, and staff are seen, understood, and appreciated for the assets they bring to our educational community.
  • Regional Impact and Regional Contribution
    • We promote economic vitality through educational programs, scholarly research, and dedicated service. Our commitment is firmly rooted in enhancing the wealth creation, inclusivity, and well-being of our community while remaining nimble to its ever changing demands.
  • Sustainability
    • We are committed to sustainability as a balance between the needs of our environment, the needs of our economy, and equitable outcomes for our current and future generations.
  • Student Success and Student Experience
    • We recognize that student needs are complex, and success includes both student engagement and positive outcomes. We are committed to creating conditions informed by the needs of our first-generation, low-income, and other structurally marginalized students.
  • Academic Excellence
    • Our student-centered learning spaces offer effective teaching approaches and dynamic conversations. As a community of learners, we pursue truth and advance knowledge through creative works, research, and scholarship.