Areas of Distinction

Executive Leadership Team

  • Red turf
  • Accessible/best value in WA
  • First generation concentration
  • STEM focused
  • Large education alumni base

Directors and Administrators

  • Highest number of Pell eligible grant students and lots of upward mobility potential
  • First generation serving
  • Community loves us and wants to partner with us
  • Lowest tuition cost
  • Stronger brand identity/red turf

Faculty Group 1

  • Student population (first gen, non-traditional, parents, working students, etc.)
  • Almost HSI
  • Near Spokane but also lots of rural schools
  • We provide opportunities for students who might not find them elsewhere
  • Low pay for faculty and staff / pay discrepancies / adjunct faculty

Academic Deans

  • Institute for Public Policy and Data Analytics
  • Have established a strong reputation for workforce preparation
  • The Arts

Faculty Senate Leadership

  • Strong professional programs
  • Active faculty (within community research) / dedicated faculty – strong programs
  • Alumni – especially ones that are experienced and are able to achieve their goals because of their transformative experiences at the university
  • Community relationships – communities and community-based education
  • Libraries

Community Diversity Leadership

  • A commuter-school-inviting to students
  • Faculty involvement in the community
  • Campus upgrades
  • Addressing / removing barriers to historically difficult programs (nursing)

Community Townhall/Forum

  • Red football turf
  • Focus on first gen students
  • Focus on regional business communities
  • Only university to have all 4 health professions
  • Cyber security

Staff Group

  • Cybersecurity / nursing
  • Affordability / Scholarships and Aid
  • Athletics / red turf
  • Location
  • First gen serving
  • Prairie restoration


  • High percentage of first gen college students and student diversity
  • Accessible
  • Low tuition cost
  • Unique niche, unexpected
  • Small community with big city close by

Student Leaders

  • Affordability
  • Location
  • Diversity week
  • Job opportunities
  • Unique leadership opportunities

Internal Diversity Leadership

  •  Biology
  • American Indian Studies (first program in country)
  • Use of Indigenous language in education
  • Affordability
  • Reading program (social work, online learning, communication studies, entrepreneurship)
  • Urban planning majors, important to cities and rural areas
  • IEP for International students
  • CAMP program

Department Chairs

  • High concentration of Eagles in metro area
  • DPT / and multiple of Health Sciences programs
  • High connection to first generation
  • Computer disciplines
  • Affordability / accessibility / accessible faculty

Alumni Association Board

  • Academic programs offered (Cyber Security, Engineering, STEM)
  • Tight knit community
  • Eagle Pride/spirit
  • Athletics/Big Sky Champs