Desired Outcomes

Goal Statement (Draft)

We foster an equitable, sustainable, and supportive physical and social environment that encourages the recruitment, retention, and growth of all EWU employees. 

Desired Outcomes (Draft)

  • Employee retention, including faculty and permanent staff, will improve at a rate of 1% per year. Recruitment of applicants for all permanent EWU positions will improve by 5% per year.
  • EWU employees will have access to offered benefits, such as the Employee Dependent Tuition Waiver, URC employee discount, and any newly announced benefits as a part of the 2024-2029 strategic plan.
  • EWU will develop and begin implementing a 10-year campus master plan by April 2025 to create an attractive, welcoming, and sustainable environment that supports excellence in education, provides an intentional and predictable roadmap, and is a model for other institutions. (include both Cheney and Spokane).
  • Advance faculty and staff 2023 EWU Climate Survey scores to be on par with national four-year institutions. 
  • In order to promote EWU as an innovative and sustainable learning organization and engaging work environment for all employees, 100% of staff and faculty have access to at least one professional development* opportunity annually, with a target of 80% participation rate.
  • Increase yearly faculty and staff financial support for research, publication, conference attendance, training, and other professional development.
  • EWU will develop and implement by AY 2025-2026, an onboarding experience tracker that includes a checklist and survey of onboarding effectiveness. Once baseline data are collected in AY 2026, measurable outcomes will be created for benchmarking and targets for improvement.

* Professional development is defined by the committee as: conferences, research opportunities, additional training, cross training, or other opportunities that lead to an employee enhancing their skills in their current position, assist in career in advancement, or provide other career related enrichment