EWU 203-06: Contact Information, Electronic Mail & Texting

• Revises and supersedes EWU policy 502-01
• Expands the current policy pertaining to students’ use of university email addresses to employees
• Requires employees to provide current contact information
• Requires employees to use their university email for any university business
• Places restrictions on which departments are permitted to send text messages to students and under what circumstances mass texting is allowed

EWU 402-06: Pregnancy and Parental Leave

PDF Version Personnel and Students EWU Policy 402-06 Authority: Board of Trustees Effective: December 10, 2021 Proponent: Vice President for Student Affairs & Vice President for Business & Finance Purpose: This policy is intended to inform students and employees of resources and protections available for pregnant and parenting individuals. History: This policy was  initially approved … Read more

Chapter 172-122 WAC – General Conduct Code

PDF Version Chapter 172-122 WAC Last Update: 2/27/18 GENERAL CONDUCT CODE WAC Sections 172-122-110 Bomb threats. 172-122-120 Weapons. 172-122-200 Notice of trespass. 172-122-210 Restriction of access. 172-122-310 Use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and related products. DISPOSITION OF SECTIONS FORMERLY CODIFIED IN THIS TITLE 172-122-100 Civil demonstrations. [Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 92-22-001, § 172-122-100, filed 10/21/92, … Read more

Chapter 172-118 WAC – Recreational Equipment

PDF version Chapter 172-118 WAC RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT 172-118-010 Purpose. These rules govern the use of recrea-tional equipment on Eastern Washington University’s campus. The pur-pose of this chapter is to protect campus property from physical dam-age and unnecessary wear and to facilitate safety and access. [Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 13-24-120, § 172-118-010, filed 12/4/13, effective … Read more

Chapter 172-110 WAC – Drones and Model Aircraft

PDF Version Chapter 172-110 WAC Last Update: 11/23/15 DRONES AND MODEL AIRCRAFT WAC Sections 172-110-010 Scope. 172-110-020 University approval required. 172-110-030 Definitions. 172-110-040 University use of drones. 172-110-050 Nonuniversity use of drones. 172-110-060 Use of model aircraft. 172-110-070 Prohibited locations for use of drones and model aircraft. 172-110-080 Director of public safety. 172-110-090 Violations. 172-110-010 … Read more

Chapter 172-100 WAC – Traffic and Parking Rules

  Chapter 172-100 WAC TRAFFIC AND PARKING RULES WAC 172-100-010  Purpose.  These rules govern pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle traffic and parking at Eastern Washington University (EWU). The purpose of these rules is to facilitate campus safety and access. Specifically, these rules are intended to: (1) Control parking on campus and in off-campus parking lots … Read more