Therapy Ball Chair

Student Contributor: J. Bertrand
Therapy ball chairs are a beneficial tool that is used for students who need to move a lot. These chairs are exercise balls that are formed into a chair. When a child sits on the ball chair, they can use their energy and their need for movement in a positive way.

This tool is used as a chair in replace of the traditional chair that is typically seen inside classrooms. This therapy ball chair is a chair that students will sit on. The chair will be used as a fidget tool where students can engage their brain. This type of fidget tool allows students, especially students who move a lot, to be more attentive because it keeps their brain active. When the child sits on the ball chair, they can release excess energy. The ball allows students to fidget and move freely rather than the traditional chair. This chair permits students to lightly bounce instead of fidgeting with other objects that would be distracting to the other students. It allows students to release the wiggles while still focusing on what they are learning in the classroom.

The therapy ball chair is a student-directed and collaborative idea because it is made for students to help them reach their full potential within the classroom. It is especially important for students who struggle with sensory processing disorders such as ADHD or ADD. These children have a desire to fidget, so these chairs would allow them to do that while still engaging their brain. People don’t generally sit still, and it is important for children to be moving. Movement allows for the brain to be alert and attentive. This is good for the teacher because although their students are wiggling, they are still working on their schoolwork. This tool is beneficial for the teacher and the student. This is also in the supportive phase because it supports students who need to physically move because they can’t keep it in.

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