Stop and Reflect

Student Contributor: C. Glanville
This tool is for after something has happened, and a student needs to Stop and Reflect on the situation. This gives students the opportunity to explain how they are feeling and what they could’ve done differently to change the situation for the better.

Stop and Reflect is for when an incident or student altercation has occurred in your classroom and one or more students needs to assess the situation and reflect on how it could’ve gone differently. I think this is appropriate for all grades because it gives the student the opportunity to draw a picture of the situation if they are struggling or can’t write out what they want to express. Ideally, once the student has completed the Stop and Reflect, the student and teacher or possibly others involved would meet and discuss what the student wrote on their Stop and Reflect. This would give an additional opportunity to talk about different ways to handle a situation, and how they can change their behavior in a future situation.

This tool relates to the Corrective Phase of management because this is an “after the fact” tool. Sometimes, things will happen regardless of what we have done in the Preventative and Supportive Phase, so it is good to have a plan in place. This tool is mostly student centered/collaborative. This is because the student will fill out the form, mostly by themselves and then collaborate with the teacher about how they can change their behavior, how the situation made them feel, consequences, etc.

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Tool Source: This source is from my Mentor Teacher.

2 thoughts on “Stop and Reflect”

  1. This is a tool that I got to use in a 5th-grade classroom, my mentor and I did it a bit differently we didn’t give the option to draw out what they did. This was something that students had to do after they had already received a warning for the behavior. Students responded really well to this and I noticed that students understood what they did and could correct the behavior better after a reflection. This gave students the chance to think about their own actions as well as make a plan to change what they are doing giving them a bit of control over the situation. I found this was something I liked and would find myself continuing, I also think that this would be easy to change to fit any grade level making it something you can use for any classroom.

  2. This tool was something I used in a 5th-grade classroom, this was something that students would do after they had one warning for that behavior that day. One difference I had was there wasn’t a stop for my students to draw on them but this was for an older grade level. I do believe that this tool is super easy to customize for your own classroom. Meaning that this is easy to use for all grades and it gives students a chance to change their behavior and understand what they did wrong. I noticed that these reflection sheets had the students less likely to repeat the behavior again and again, but also gave a good chance for them to reflect on their behavior. Making this a tool that I really think is great and worked really well for my own students.


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