Stick Pick

Student Contributor: R. Burland
Stick Pick is an app that helps keep students participating and engaging in lessons. The students earn points for engaging in classroom discussions.

you to enter your class roster into the app then choose the appropriate level of advancing questions for each student. Students earn points for answering the given questions. This helps teachers with measuring participation in class. The points help give students an incentive to pay attention and participate in class discussions. You can also have different “cans” for different classes or groups. You can see the participation score for just one student or the entire class. This will help with judging the engagement of your lessons.

This tool is apart of the supportive phase because it encourages students to continue to participate in class discussions. It is also a way for students to earn participation points. It can be hard to judge participation in a classroom however, with Stick Pick you can clearly see how the student is doing with discussions and other classroom activities. This tool could also be used in the preventative stage. Before running into participation problems, Stick Pick allows you to show students that participating in class discussions is important to their learning. While using Stick Pick you can also give students the chance to pass, which doesn’t hurt their grade.

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