Group Focus Interference

Student Contributor: K. Nelson
This tool is used to get a whole group attention. It is helpful, especially when a undesired behavior is coming from the whole group. As a teacher you can use this tool to help correct more than one student.

This tool is very high teacher interference. I would use this interference only when needed. This tool should be used to bring students back to the lesson, when attention seems to be disappearing. It can also be used when the teacher observes off-task behavior spreading. When using this strategy make sure to use appropriate tone of voice, because screaming is never effective. Address the whole class in a clam voice, but make sure to be serious and that will ensure that your students understand your dissatisfaction. I have a little personal experience with this tool. My teachers in high school usually used this method. It worked, but as mentioned above it was very high interference.

Group Focus should be in the Corrective Phase, because it is the best place for it. This tool is used, because things in the Preventative Phase and Supportive Phase did not work. This tool was designed to correct an entire group rather than just an individual. Group Focus is used to help correct misbehavior and bring students back to the lesson. I don’t think this tool relates to the two other phases, because it is very teacher centered and calls out a whole group of students. It does not allow for the teacher to talk with the students to help them correct the behavior. The students are told to pay attention and that is it. This is a teacher-centered strategy, because they teacher does not work one on one with the students. The teacher talks to the whole group, when some students may not be misbehaving.

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Tool Source: It came from the Di Guilio, quote that Gus Nollmeyer gave us in class.

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