Coats in the Closet

Student Contributor: M. Sorensen
This procedure is a system to help reduce traffic jams in the closest, especially during the winter months when students have lots of snow gear. Students come in from outside and first go to their desks. At their desks, they take off their coats and any snow gear. Then they go to the closest to put up their things.

This procedure helps prevent the students from cramming into the closet while trying to take off their coats. The idea is to help streamline the process of getting back into the classroom. We use this in the classroom often because we have a small closet and twenty-six students. The idea came about when we noticed five or six kids waiting to put their coats away while the rest were crammed in the closet still taking off their winter coats. The students do have to be reminded of the procedure because it was not a procedure that was established at the beginning of the year and used every day. With practice and consistent use, this procedure can help reduce transition times.

This tool is placed in the preventative phase because it is a procedure to help reduce transition time, a time when misbehavior may happen the most. The reminder of the procedure moves to the supportive phase as students are reminded of the expectations that are set by the teacher. If done effectively, then the corrective phase may not be needed during this time. This is a teacher-directed tool as it is the teacher who comes up with the procedure to be implemented. However, it could be brought up in the class to be collaborative where students help create a procedure that can reduce the number of people in the closet at one time.

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Tool Source: My mentor teacher came up with this process.

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