The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis

About Us

The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis is a research institute for applied regional research that provides easily accessible community indicator data. The Institute publishes nine community trend sites for thirteen Washington counties, all of which cover a variety of factors like economic vitality, health, housing, and more. The Institute’s work is aimed to promote data-based decision making and provide readily available and extensive data for communities across Washington state.

Our History

The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis was created in 2002 as a pilot project administered by Eastern Washington University, until it was fully established as a integral part of the University in 2005. Headed by executive director Dr. Patrick Jones, the Institute has been a vital research institute producing community research projects for 20 years. The Institute is supported by a broad coalition of community sponsors across Washington state, and proudly constructs its community trends websites based on community-based feedback processes.

Our People

Dr. Patrick Jones

Executive Director

Dr. Kelley Cullen

Policy Analyst

Dorothy Bergland

Data Intern

Miranda Carmona

Data Intern

Angelica Cortes

Data Intern

Jessica Phan

Design Intern

Laura Velazquez

Communications Intern