Research Archive

An archive of the Institute’s past research projects and reports, including media features.

2021 Research

A study to investigate the growth rates in sales of downtown Walla Walla’s streateries, as compared to other downtown restaurants and all restaurants in the city.

2020 Research

By Dr. Patrick Jones
An analysis of at-risk jobs in the Tri-Cities following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (March & April of 2020) and Washington state COVID policies utilizing several economic data indicators.

2019 Research

By Dr. Patrick Jones & Brian Kennedy
This study was conducted for the Washington Association for Businesses and the Washington State Department of Commerce. It estimated overall cost to businesses in Washington State from employees facing childcare issues. These issues could stem from a variety of causes. One line of inquiry investigated total costs facing businesses when an individual is either let go or voluntarily leaves due to childcare issues. The second are of inquiry looked at costs facing businesses from missed time from work by employees that are childcare-related.

2017 Research

Analysis of Low-Income Heating Assistance Programs Administered by Cascade Natural Gas in its Washington State Service Area

By Dr. Patrick Jones & Brian Kennedy
This study assessed the Washington State heating assistance programs in which Cascade Natural Gas (CNG) participates. Four lines of inquiry were followed:  1) a summary of key socio-economic characteristics of households in the districts operated by CNG in Washington State; 2) an estimate of the potential number of households in these districts that could be served by heating assistance programs; 3) the calculation the ratio of those households assisted by these programs to the number of potential households that could be served (the “penetration ratio”); and 4) an estimate of the share of household income taken up by heating expenditures (“heating burden”) for CNG-served households.

The Economic Impact of Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

By Dr. Patrick Jones & Brian Kennedy
This study examines the economic effects of Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park for calendar year 2017. The tool employed by the Institute was an input-output model using data for Spokane County

The Economic Impact of the Spokane Public Facilities District in 2016

By Brian Kennedy & D. Patrick Jones
This study was conducted for the Spokane Public Facilities District help the District acquire an understanding of the economic effects of its operations in 2016 at its three venues – the Arena, the Convention Center and the INB Performing Arts Center (INB). The methodology was based on an input-output model. Some of the data were secondary. The bulk of the spending data, however, came from nine intercept surveys conducted by Strategic Research Associates of Spokane. 

By Brian Kennedy & Dr. Patrick Jones
An analysis of the economic effects of Spokane Public Facilities (the Arena, the Convention Center, and the INB Performing Arts Center) and its events. Spending related to these events was analyzed to better understand the total economic impact of the Public Facilities District.

2016 Research

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Impact of Services Offered by SNAP on Housing Status and Housing Income