Hauling & Moving Guidelines

You call, we haul! When planning a move within an office, next door, or across campus, Transportation Services is ready to help. Call the work order number at 509.359.2245 and submit your request.  We will plan your move as well as make any necessary adjustments after the move is completed. We also take care of all campus recycling, confidential document shredding and disposal, and special event setups.

The following guidelines will help avoid unnecessary delays associated with an office move:
  • Contact Transportation Services at least two weeks prior to an office move if possible. Leave a brief description of what the move will entail on our voice mail and someone will contact you to discuss details and schedule the move
  • If your move involves transporting your telephones or computers, contact Telecommunications @ 2247 as soon as the move is scheduled
  • If office furniture will require dismantling or if items fastened to the walls are to be moved, contact the Physical Plant work order system @ 2245 as soon as the move is scheduled
  • All contents of desks, credenzas, book shelves, file cabinets, and office supply storage cabinets are required to be boxed and labeled prior to the move. Do not load material higher than the top of the box. Locate boxes you will need in advance of your move
  • When items are to be moved to an area involving more than one room, everything is to be clearly labeled with the specific room number. If possible, draw a simple diagram showing how you would like furniture and equipment placed
  • If you have equipment or furniture items your department no longer wants to keep, contact surplus property @ 7377 as soon as your move is scheduled so these items can be picked up in conjunction with your move