Outreach Programs

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Balance Pad Exercise

Previous outreach sessions include:

Foam and Dome (Physical Therapy)
Students are introduced to the life of a Physical Therapist, testing out their balance with a "Foam and Dome" test before brainstorming exercises Physical Therapists can provide their patients to improve patient balance.

Preparedness and Contagion (Public Health)
Students test out their merit as a Public Health employee, examining the work of epidemiologists as they watch a virus spread through their classroom and determine an emergency response plan to prepare for fallout from the disease!

Visual Impairment Relay (Occupational Therapy)
Students play patient to an Occupational Therapist through an exciting relay, putting on visual impairment goggles and performing various manual tasks before tagging their teammate to continue the race. Students then discuss ways Occupational Therapists could help make day-to-day tasks easier for patients with similar visual impairments.
Bowling Exercise
Our educators are flexible and can accommodate all age groups and health related curriculum focus.

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