Educational Doctorate Program
Candidacy Form & Graduation Resources

Candidacy Form

All graduate students are required to complete an Application for Degree Candidacy after they have completed at least 15 credits and before they have completed half of their program.

The candidacy form acts as a contract between the student and the university to ensure that the student recognizes and will meet all university requirements by graduation.

Instructions for Completing the Candidacy Form

  • Fill in your contact information
  • Select your program
    • Select from the drop-down list
  • Catalog Year
    • The year in which you will complete the program (e.g., 2021-2022)
  • Term and Year you will graduate (e.g., Spring 2 2021)
  • Course List
    • Required Courses Completed
      • Select the courses you have already completed from the drop-down lists – each list is broken into 2 sections:
        • Core Courses – these courses are only required for students in the full master’s degree program
        • Specialization Courses – these courses are required for all students in this concentration
      • Insert the number of credits for each course
    • Courses in Progress
      • Select your current courses from the drop-down lists
      • Insert the number of credits for each course
    • Courses Remaining
      • Select the courses you have not yet taken that are required for your program from the drop-down lists.
      • Insert the number of credits for each course
    • Approved Substitutions
      • Any course substitutions must be approved by a School of Education faculty advisor or the Graduate Program Director. Contact with questions
      • Substituted courses should be entered and matched to an EWU class from the drop-down to the right
      • Insert the number of credits for each course
    • Sign and date the completed form (this can be done electronically)
  • Email the completed candidacy form to the EWU Graduate Studies Office at
    • If the Graduate Studies Office does not contact you, the form was accepted as submitted
    • If the Graduate Studies Office has questions about the form, they will reach out via email

Again, if you do not hear from the Graduate Studies Office, your form is accepted and does not need any changes.

View dates and deadlines for EWU. Contact the School of Education with questions.


Candidates are required to complete two internship courses successfully under the supervision of knowledgeable, expert practitioners that engages candidates in multiple and diverse district settings and provides candidates with coherent, authentic, and sustained opportunities to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills in a real-world setting.

Dissertation -or- Capstone in Practice

EDUC 700

Our program provides candidates with the option of completing a dissertation or a capstone of practice.

The dissertation/capstone has a practical focus. Under the guidance of faculty in your concentration, students will apply relevant coursework and research methods to target a problem of practice within a student’s area of interest. The purpose of the dissertation/capstone in practice is to use the skills and knowledge attained in your program. Students will present their problem of practice project to their faculty committee and cohort classmates in the final quarter of their program.


The final step in completing the program is submitting the Graduation Application Form. All graduate students are required to complete a Graduation Application. This form is used by EWU's Graduate Studies Office to ensure completion of all coursework necessary for the master's degree or graduate certificate. Deadlines for Graduation Applications are as follows:

Spring Sessions
February 1

Summer Session
April 1

Fall Sessions
June 1

Winter Sessions
November 1

If you miss the graduation application deadline, your degree may be delayed and your name will not appear in the graduation program.

To complete your Graduation Application: go to EagleNet then click on your Student Record tab and find Apply to Graduate.

Commencement Ceremony

Students are not required to participate in commencement; however, we encourage students to take part in the EWU commencement ceremonies held in June. To have your name included in the commencement program, the graduation application must be submitted by February 1. At that time, you will receive instructions to purchase your gown and hood which are ordered through the bookstore.

If you have questions regarding the Graduation Application or commencement, please contact