Card Eligibility

Students: Students may receive their card if they are registered for the current or upcoming term. A physical form of photo identification is required.*

Residential Students: Students living in University Housing will receive their EagleCard during move-in weekend. If you are unable to receive your card then, please visit the EagleCard Office in Tawanka 120. A physical form of photo identification is required.*

Employees: We no longer carry employee cards in our office; all employees must request a card using the Access form from Access Control. Once the submitted form has been completed, Access Control will provide the employee EagleCard to our office for printing and encoding. New employees must also bring the EagleCard office a dated letter of hire or contract (issued by HR, Academic Personnel, or the hiring department). A physical form of photo identification is required.*

Retirees: Upon retiring from the University, the Benefits Office will issue a voucher for a retiree card. In order to receive a retiree card, both the voucher and the current employee card must be presented.

Please Note: Students employed by the University may not receive an employee card. Employees enrolled in University classes may not receive a student card.

*Physical forms of photo identification may include but are not limited to: passports, driver’s licenses, high school ID cards, etc.

Replacement Cards

Lost and Stolen Cards: If your card is lost or stolen, please immediately notify the EagleCard Office. Your card will be reported as lost in the EagleCard system, which prevents the funds on the card from being used by someone other than the card holder.

Damaged Cards: If your card is damaged, please contact the EagleCard Office for replacement.

Misused or Confiscated Cards: If your card has been misused or confiscated, please contact the EagleCard Office for replacement.

The EagleCard Office can be reached at (509) 359-6184, Monday – Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

EagleCards are non-transferable! Your card is for you and you only. If you attempt to use another person’s card, it will be confiscated.

Replacement Fee: Replacement cards cost $30. The fee can be paid at the EagleCard Office at the time of service with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Eagle Flex. EagleCard replacements can now be paid via our online market place. Cards over four years of age will be replaced at no charge.

Old Cards: Once a new card is produced, you cannot go back to an old card. This is a security feature built into our system for the protection of our card holders and cannot be overridden.

Name Change: After legally changing your name, you may contact Records and Registration to request that your name be changed in the University Banner system. Once we can see your name change has been processed, you may purchase a new card for $30.

Preferred Name: If you would like to use a preferred name rather than your legal name, you may contact Records and Registration to request that your preferred name be added to your record in the University Banner system. Once your preferred name has been updated, you may purchase a new card for $30.

Specialty Cards

Department ID Badge: These cards are issued at the request of the department for employees and students needing supplemental identification. New and replacement Department IDs will be issued only after an official request from a department supervisor. A valid record must be pre-existing in the current carding system in order for our staff to process these requests.

Sports & Recreation Facilities: The EagleCard Office no longer issues “Community” cards. Community members and alumni should contact the URC Front Desk (Skate Rental Area) for more information.

Library Cards: The EagleCard Office does not issue “Library Only” cards. Please see the JFK Library staff for more information.

Alumni: We do not issue cards for alumni. For alumni information and resources, please see the EWU Office of Alumni webpage.