Chicana/o/x Student’s Work

EWU Symposium Presentations by Students in Chicanx Studies (2018)

  1. Why Are Higher Education Institutions Failing Latinx Students in Helping Them Obtain a College Degree?, Adrianna Amarillas
  2. The Education Gap Among Latina/o Students, Zachary Ray Berkshire
  3. The causes of underrepresentation of Latin@s in computer science and STEM fields, Casey Cahill
  4. False Stereotypes, Jordan Everard
  5. Latinos in Higher Education, Teala Frazier
  6. The Effect of Chicanx Studies in High School Graduation Rates, Angelica Garcia-Macias
  7. A Failing System, Tyler Gedney
  8. Latino Stereotypes in Television, Michael Haynes
  9. Standardized Test and The Impact on Latino Students, Jose A. Hernandez
  10. Deconstructing Colonization in the Classroom, Claire Israel
  11. Latinos in the Military, Austin Johnson
  12. Latino/a Presence in Media, Keiton A. Klein
  13. Latinos in the United States Military: World War II, Brianna R. Lasso
  14. Why are Latinxs Underrepresented in Medical Professions?, Elizavet Mariscal Guzman
  15. Latinos: Breaking the Barrier of College Education Completion, Wendolyn J. Martinez
  16. Dual-Language Immersion, Joseph C. Miller
  17. Parental Deportation Effects On Citizen Children, Esmeralda S. Montano
  18. Challenges and Motivations Experienced by 1st Generation Latina/o Students in Higher Education, Ereisa G. Morales
  19. Retention of Chicano Students in College, Everardo Moreno Garcia
  20. Latinos within Criminal Justice: Lawyers, Jared Ortiz
  21. Obstacles that Latinx/Chicanx Encounter While Getting Into the Medical Field, Shreya Patel
  22. Racism and the Latino Identity in America, 1910-1970, Cooper J. Smith
  23. Dropout Rate Among Chicano and Latino Immigrant High School Students, Emma Smith
  24. The Link Between Latinx and American Music, Koby T. Sonnabend
  25. Latino Communities and the Health System, Savanna Stockman
  26. atino-Owned Business’s: The Future of the US Economy, Jeffrey R. Styborski
  27. Academic Focus on Hispanic Students in Predominantly White Institutions, Marixza Torres
  28. Chicanos: An Equal Opportunity for Higher Education, Cecilia Zamora

EWU Symposium Presentations by Students in Chicanx Studies (2016)

2016 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium Program, Eastern Washington University

  1. Current Issues and Developments in Psychology with Regards to Latina/o Americans, Rachel Giddings
  2. The Lack of Diversity Among Sign Language Interpreters Presents Major Challenges for the Health Care Industry Serving the Chicana/o Community, Christina Gutierrez
  3. Defining America: Chicano/Latino Influence, Hope Jackson-Doney
  4. Latina/o Education and Its Effects on Overall Job Success, Megan Lee
  5. Stereotypes and Popular Misconceptions of Latino Immigration, Teddy J. Mead
  6. Latin@s in the Labor Work Force, Vanessa Murillo
  7. Understanding U.S. Racial Tensions in the 21st Century, Taylor Newquist
  8. Undocumented Immigrants and the Constitutional Rights of Their U.S. Born Children, Jennifer Rogers
  9. The American Dream: Equality in Education, Alexandra Romjue
  10. The Economy and Mexican Immigrants, Austin Schulz
  11. The Necessity of Minority Ethnic Studies in the American Education Curriculum, Destiny L. Vaught
  12. Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market, Samantha Zontek

EWU Symposium Presentations by Students in Chicanx Studies (2014)

  1. Carlos Santana: Using Music to Unite Communities, Courtney Darrow
  2. Narcocorridos, Jaime Frausto-Cerna
  3. Dreams Denied, Stephanie Fuentes
  4. The Obstacles Chicanos Face in the United States, Maria Galindo
  5. Searching For the American Dream, Berenice Garcia
  6. Social Work and Chicano/Latino Diversity, Rosa Guerrero
  7. Deportation, Joanna Gutierrez
  8. Bilingualism and Latinos in the United States, Rigoberto Gutierrez-Pinon
  9. Defining Chicano Social Issues and Establishing Self-identity through Art, Lupita Guzman
  10. The Day of the Dead in the United States, Tatiana Hernandez
  11. Chicano Assimilation Into US Athletics, Anthony McChesney
  12. The Forgotten Members of Our Society: Latinos in the criminal justice system, Jereny Mendoza
  13. The Perceptions of College Among Latino Elementary Students, Amy Nunez
  14. Expressing the Chicano Culture: A low riding experience, Ian O’Neill
  15. Percentage of Chicano Nurses in Spokane, Lynnzie Paulson
  16. Tejano Music, Derek Phakoo
  17. Día de los Muertos, Emily Sherman
  18. Chicanos and the Criminal Justice System, Scott Van Dyke
  19. Chicano Impact on U.S. Comedy, John Whiting-Call
  20. Architecture of the Modern World, Nicholas Law