Chicana/o/x Studies

people taking place in a march. Two people are holding an American flag. The photo is from the back and is in Spokane

Immigration Advocacy

MEChA students have been organizing an immigration march in Spokane since the early 2000s.

photo of people at the Izkalli Calmecac student conference. The photo is a wide angle showing a view of all the students

Student Conferences

MEChA, through its Izkalli Calmecac Student Conference, houses and feeds more than 600 high school students for two-three days on campus. Visitors come from various school districts in Washington and are offered workshops on admissions, academics and leadership. The conference has recruited hundreds of new students to EWU.

three people discussing issues. They are in a radio room all with headphones and mics by them

Radio Shows

Our radio production was a success thanks to Thin Air Community Radio, KYRS 92.3FM. More than 40 students have recorded and broadcast their shows to 300,000+ people in Spokane and the surrounding communities.