University Budget Committee

This body is advisory to the President and the committee’s primary focus is to ensure that the University’s priorities are reflected in the operating budget through coordinated consultation, discussion, education, and outreach to the University community.

Scope of Responsibilities:

The University Budget Committee (UBC) is an advisory group consisting of faculty, classified staff, exempt staff, students and administrators.  Members of the UBC a share a commitment to transparency in fiscal decision-making and serve to inform the university community about operating budget matters.

This body is advisory to the President and all members shall be appointed by the President based on recommendations from appropriate constituencies. The UBC shall facilitate communication regarding the operating budget in a transparent and informative manner with the university community. The UBC shall seek input from the university community about general operating budget matters as a means to inform priority funding recommendations. The UBC shall review current year forecasts of the operating budget and cash flow throughout the year and longer-range projections at least annually. The UBC shall work with the President to establish priority funding recommendations based on the university’s strategic plan.

The Budget committee will review the proposed operating budget. In time of operating budget reversions, the committee will review budget reduction plans.
In addition, the committee will participate in the development of the University funding initiatives which are submitted biennially to Olympia.

There is an expectation that UBC members represent the best interests of the University, not advocate for individual units. Committee members are asked to commit to active and engaged participation in the committee’s work. The committee will be chaired by the VP for Business and Finance, or designee, who will have no voting rights. The Budget office will staff the committee and maintain minutes and official records of actions. The Budget Committee will meet once monthly throughout the year.

Voting Membership:

  • Faculty Senate Treasurer
  • Three faculty members per college as nominated by the faculty senate
  • One representative from WFSE
  • One student representative
  • Two deans
  • One representative from PSE
  • One representative from each of the VP areas & President’s Office
  • One representative from Athletics

Committee Members

For a list of all the committee members, click here.

Schedules and Agendas

Upcoming Meetings:

Beginning in October and ending in June the University Budget Committee will meet on selected days. For more information about agendas or discussion items, please contact (509) 359-4210.


September 20th
October 18th
November 15th
December 20th


January 17th
February 21st
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th

the mall during the fall

In responses to the University’s changing economic and business models, EWU has engaged Moss Adams to assist the university in developing an efficient and effective budget model to help optimize resource allocation. Visit the budget model redesign page to learn more about this project.
Visit the Budget Model Redesign Website now!