Accreditation of New & Modified Programs

When EWU plans to launch a new program or modify an existing one (including making such minor adjustments as changing the program’s name or adding a new delivery modality), we are required to inform our accrediting body, NWCCU, so that the programs can be included under the umbrella of Eastern’s institutional accreditation.

We need to submit only an official notification to NWCCU for most new programs or program modifications. Notifications are free, and the form takes just a few minutes to complete.

If, however, 25% or more of the credits in the new or modified program come from newly created courses, EWU needs to submit a minor substantive change request. The substantive change request has three components. One is the application, which is an online form requiring more detailed information than the notification form. The second is a budget worksheet, in which the new or modified program’s costs are tallied. And the third component is the change fee, which is typically $1000. (Complex changes may cost more.) The materials should be submitted to NWCCU at least ten weeks before the inauguration of the program.

Word documents that mirror NWCCU’s online forms can be found below. Download the documents, fill them out, and email them to Brian Donahue, vice provost, who will copy and paste your responses into NWCCU’s portal.

If your program requires a substantive change application, please download the budget worksheet and ask your college’s budget officer to complete the document and email it to Bill Shaw, senior budget officer in Academic Affairs. Bill will review and approve the document.

Please call Brian Donahue with any questions at x6345.