Academic Programs Assessment Committee (APAC)

The Academic Programs Assessment Committee (APAC) was formed in 2017 to oversee student learning outcomes assessment in EWU’s degree programs. APAC is a hybrid committee that reports to the Faculty Organization and Academic Affairs.

The members of APAC are the provost’s administrative designee, a representative from each college assessment committee, a representative from the Undergraduate Affairs Council and a representative from the Graduate Affairs Council.

The provost’s designee serves as the committee’s permanent co-chair. One of the faculty members on APAC is elected annually to serve as the other co-chair.

APAC Members: 2023-2024

Jones, Tiffany, ChairAcademic Affairs, Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness Representative
Torres, Donita, Co-chairFaculty Member Representative 1 and Co-chair
Donahue, BrianCHSPH Representative
Humberstad, ElizabethASEWU Representative
DePolis, KathrynCPP Representative
Schwendiman, AngelaCAHSS Representative
Waldo, JenniferCSTEM Representative
DiLuzio, Danielle GAC Representative
Sue MagyarGEC Representative
Call for membershipUAC Representative
Call for membershipFaculty Member Representative, CSTEM
Van Meter, Denise, secretary (ex officio)Administrative Assistant