Assessment Team

Assessment is under Institutional Effectiveness.

What does the Assessment Department do?

Under the leadership of the Institutional Effectiveness the Assessment department is providing guidance on setting meaningful, measurable, and manageable goals for both instructional and non-instructional units across campus.

How we will provide these services?

We will begin offering workshops in Fall of 2023 to support the creation of assessment goals in our Nuventive Improve data base. One-on-one meetings will be available for follow-up on creating goals after workshop offerings.

What value are we bringing?

We value the effectiveness of "closing the loop" with assessment efforts. We are here to help bridge broken relationships with "data" across all units and create a culture of assessment to ensure student success and completion. While aligning unit goals to the University's Strategic Plan for Regional Accreditation efforts.

What will Assessment results do for EWU?

Assessment results will bring to light challenges and triumphs to every instructional and non-instructional unit. The results will not bring any detrimental decisions. They will be used to pivot practices to align with the Strategic Plan and ensure we are providing diversity, equity, and inclusion to our region of students.

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Tiffany L. Jones

Associate Director of Assessment


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