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Alerts and Cases / Alert Reasons

  1. At risk to fail the course: Student is at risk to fail the course and needs intervention from support staff.
  2. Disengaged or attendance issues: Student is not coming to class prepared, not watching video lecture/course content, is on their phone, wearing headphones, sleeping, not paying attention, etc. The student is not attending class at all or not meeting attendance requirements.
  3. Financial or budgeting concerns:  Student is struggling to pay for college, books, or other needed items; the student needs support creating a financial budget.
  4. Personal or non-academic issue: Student has shared that they are facing challenges in life outside of the classroom that are impacting their academics. This is NOT for emergencies.
  5. Poor grades or missing assignments: The student is engaged but still is struggling academically.
  6. Recognition for a Job Well Done!: Use this alert to provide positive feedback to students. Students will receive an email informing them they have recognized by the alert issuer.
  7. Outstanding Student – Recommend to work for PLUS: Use this alert is you believe the student would make a good tutor, study group facilitator, or academic coach for the Program Leading to University Success (PLUS). Student should be proficient in subject matter and have earned a 3.0 in courses pertaining to subject matter. For coaching, student should display patience, kindness, and a demonstrated proclivity for helping others succeed.
  8. Referral to Career Center: Use this alert to refer a student to the Career Center. The alert will be received by the Career Center and they will communicate out to the student. This alert is generally issued during an advising appointment and with the student’s knowledge.
  9. Transition to faculty advising – CAAR only: Use this alert when a student on your case load is ready to transition from professional advising (CAAR) to faculty advising. The CAAR advisor will identify when a student is ready to transition to a faculty advisor based on the criteria set forth by the department.

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