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Outreaching to all Students with a Declared Minor

Navigate will allow you to search for all declared students in a particular minor. To do so, log into Navigate.

  1. Click on Advanced Search (left hand side bar: a magnifying glass with a plus sign in it)
  2. Click on Student Information
  3. In Category, begin typing in the minor
  4. Choose the one you are wanting to search for

If you just want currently enrolled students, continue with these steps, otherwise click search at the bottom to pull up everyone who has ever declared the minor:

  1. Open Enrollment History
  2. Begin typing in the current quarter
  3. Choose the current quarter
  4. Click search at the bottom left of the page

It will pull up a list of students

  1. Just above the top student, you will see the column titles. To the left of that information and below the Actions button, check the box next to ALL.
  2. Click the Actions button
  3. Click on Send Message
  4. You can send an email or text out to all declared students.

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