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Navigate Technology Overview

Navigate is available to members of the EWU community; Students, Staff, Faculty, and administration. Navigate helps us stay connected in many different ways and supports the success of EWU students. Navigate is a Student Success Management System (SSMS) that enhances our student-centered learning environment.

Navigate links staff, faculty and students in a coordinated care network.

Like most technology, Navigate has its own set of jargon. You can view those terms on the Navigate jargon cheat sheet.

For more detailed information, please see the EAB Campus User Guide or the EAB – Campus Quickstart Guide.

Navigate Suite Visual

Navigate can help you:

1. Efficiently manage your advising caseload

2. Learn more about the students in your courses

3. Identify early the students who may be struggling

4. Communicate with your students using text or email

5. Coordinate with other departments to help support your students

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