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Lifting Holds via EagleNET

Advisors can now lift certain holds via EalgeNET instead of having to go through Banner (thank you Records and Registration!). Follow these steps:

  1. Log into EagleNET
  2. Click on Faculty & Advisors tab
  3. Select Advising Student Profile
EagleNet Advising Student Profile
  1. Enter the current term
  2. Identify how you would like to search for the student: Student ID, Student Email, or Student Name and plug in the information to the search box and click View Profile
EagleNET advisee search
  1. Find the Holds indicator on the top right and click it
EagleNET Student Profile
  1. Click on the Arrow(s) to see what the holds are about
  2. If you are able to lift the hold, you will have a check box that you can check. Check it!
    1. If you are unable to lift the hold, you will not have a check box
    2. The information about the hold and who the student needs to contact will show once you click the arrow
  3. Then you can click Release
EagleNET Holds Info
  1. When you click Release, you’ll get a box where you are required to enter notes. Enter your notes and click OK. See Hold Types and Comments article.
EagleNET Lifting Hold Comments Box
  1. You will receive the following message when the hold lifts
EagleNET Liftin Hold Success Message

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