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Foreign Language Requirement

In order to satisfy the foreign language requirement for general education, students must make it through 103 (or higher) of a language e.g., Span 103, Japn 103, Fren 103, Germ 103, or ASL 103.

Please have all students who need or want foreign language take the placement test by emailing MLL@ewu.edu.

If students took 2 years of the same foreign language in high school and passed, their foreign language requirement for general education will be satisfied after we have their official high school transcripts evaluated. If you are working with a transfer student and they mention they’ve completed the two years in high school, check to see if the audit shows the foreign language requirement as complete. If not, have them send EWU their official high school transcripts.

Students who have some proficiency in a language not taught at EWU may satisfy the foreign language requirement by taking the ACTFL oral and writing tests. Please see the Modern Languages page for more information.

All intermediate courses in MLL (GERM 201, 202; FREN 201, 202; SPAN 201, 202; JAPN 201, 202; and GNML 212) satisfy the Humanities and Arts Breadth Area Core Requirements (BACRs).

The only degrees that are associated with the general education requirement of foreign language are the Bachelor of Arts (BA). There is no foreign language general education requirement for (BAB) Bachelor of Arts in Business; (BAE) Bachelor of Arts in Education; (BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts; or (BS) Bachelor of Science.

However, there is one caveat to watch out for. If the BAB, BAE, BFA, or BS major requires a foreign language, then the student must take foreign language to meet those requirements even if they do not need it for general education. See the foreign language catalog page for more information.

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